Buggy rental

Buggy rental in Crete

Buggy rental is a popular activity for tourists on the island of Crete, Greece. Crete is a beautiful and scenic island with many dirt roads and trails, making it an ideal place to explore by buggy.


What is beach buggy ?

A beach buggy is a type of recreational vehicle that is designed for use on sandy beaches. It is typically an open-top vehicle with a lightweight body and oversized wheels that allow it to navigate through sand dunes and other sandy terrain. Beach buggies are often customized and can be built using a variety of different parts and components, making them a popular choice for enthusiasts. They are also sometimes referred to as sand rails, dune buggies, or off-road buggies.

Can I drive a buggy on the beach?

While beach buggies are designed for use on sandy beaches, they are often not allowed to be driven on beaches due to safety and environmental concerns. In many places, driving on the beach is prohibited to protect the natural habitat and prevent damage to sensitive ecosystems. Additionally, the unpredictable nature of sandy terrain can make it dangerous to drive on, particularly for inexperienced drivers. It is important to check local regulations and restrictions before using a beach buggy on a beach or any other public area.

What documents do I need to drive the buggy?

The documents you will need to drive a buggy will depend on where you are located and what type of buggy you are driving. In general, you will likely need the following:
A valid driver's license: You will need a valid driver's license that is appropriate for the type of buggy you are driving.
Is it easy to rent a buggy in Crete?
It is possible to rent a buggy on the island of Crete in Greece. Buggy rental is a popular activity for tourists who want to explore the island and its beautiful landscapes in a fun and adventurous way.
To rent a buggy on Crete, you will typically need to have a valid driver's license, be over a certain age (usually 18 or 21), and have a valid credit card for payment and security deposit purposes.
Is it easy to rent a buggy in Crete?
It's possible that the availability of buggies for rent on Crete may be limited, especially during peak tourist season when demand is high. 
To increase your chances of finding a suitable buggy rental, it's a good idea to book in advance and to be flexible with your travel dates if possible.
Additionally, it's important to make sure that you are renting from a reputable and licensed rental company. Be sure to read reviews and check the company's website to ensure that they have clear rental terms and conditions, as well as insurance coverage in case of any accidents or damages.
Overall, while the availability of buggies for rent on Crete may be limited, it is still possible to find a rental if you plan ahead and do your booking early.