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rent economy suv Heraklion airport (HER)

Small, medium, and large SUVs are all possible sizes. SUVs are stylish vehicles with a sleek appearance that can handle rough terrain as well as elegant city driving.
The SUVs' ability to go off-road is highly model-specific. Nowadays, the majority of suvs are designed more for roadworthiness, making them unsuitable for driving over rivers or other muddy terrain.
You’ll find a huge range of high-quality SUVs to choose from at Gouves car rental. Simply use the search function to find one you love rent on Crete. You can choose to have it delivered to your hotel; or you can collect it from the airport of Heraklion or Chania airport.
Whether you want a tough, practical family car or something that's a bit more luxurious or sporty, there’s an SUV for you. We have a wide range of SUVs for rent that are available to collect. An SUV is a perfect choice if you need a spacious car for comfortable travelling across country, but it is comfortable enough for driving on a highway too.
It has a large trunk and up to 5 people can be seated in the passenger compartment.

Are SUVs safer than cars? 

In the event of a head-on crash, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll want to be in a larger, heavier vehicle with a higher center of gravity. Occupants of SUVs are much less likely to be injured in a head-on collision. With that said, SUVs are also more prone to rollovers, which is an often fatal event. It’s important to note that most of those injured in rollover events were not wearing seatbelts. That means that many rollover fatalities are actually quite preventable, regardless of the vehicle type.

Are SUVs easier to drive than other cars?

The heavier weight might give the impression that SUVs are a pain to drive compared to smaller vehicles. But advances in automotive engineering, such as improved suspension layouts and electric power steering, have made it possible to handle an SUV with just one hand. Be that as it may, it's still worth noting how to properly drive an SUV. The amount of power and torque that SUVs make warrant caution for every SUV driver out there who tend to drive their rigs with abandon

SUV rental at Heraklion airport from Gouves car rental

Rent an economy SUV at the airport of Heraklion
Choose among Nissan Qashqai SUV and Nissan Juke SUV
Peugeot 2008, Kia stonic, Citroen C3 picasso, Fiat 500l or Citroen DS4.

Collect your low cost SUV direct at Heraklion airport or Chania airport.

 Gouves car rental's fleet vehicles are all regularly maintained to ensure the safety of our dear customers.
All car rental models are carefully cleaned every after use to make them ready for every customer.

Don't wait too long, reserve it today to avoid disappointment and pick up your SUV rental car at Heraklion airport
Your SUV rental car will be delivered to you directly at the Heraklion airport (HER) by our representative when you arrive
at the airport