Rent minivan at Heraklion airport (HER)

Rent cheap minivan at Heraklion airportrent minivan at Heraklion airport (HER)

What is a minivan? 

More spacious than a full-size car, and with better gas mileage than an SUV, a minivan is a 7-passenger van or a 9 passenger van that provides unbeatable comfort and convenience. By providing leg and luggage room, configurable seating and storage layouts, easy in-and-out, competitive fuel efficiency, and high-performance drive—all without sacrificing style—minivans accommodate every kind of group outing, from lengthy family vacations to quick business trips.
Family vans include both large-capacity models and so-called minivans. A variable interior is one of the main features of minivans and determines the purchase of these cars crucial. A minivan usually has seven seats, some cars are even equipped with nine seats.

The advantages of the minivan

The advantages of the minivan are obvious: better visibility due to the increased seating space and additional passenger space through,  the third row of seats.
What are these vehicles now offering that others do not offer. It is the combination of possibilities to be prepared for every situation in everyday life.
Minivan can thus whole room facilities (not yet built) transport or even half the youth team of the local volleyball club. In between, pretty much every variant is possible. The way in which manufacturers put this variability on the wheels is quite different and takes place mainly inside the vehicle.
The limits for the compact minivans set their external dimensions, up to 4.5 meters in length and rarely under 1.60 meters in height and a maximum payload of about 500-600 kilograms.

Why rent a minivan on Crete?

Save money with group travel: Sharing the ride and arriving at sightseeing destinations together can save you money on travel costs like gas while providing a convenient and easy transport solution for all.
Spacious and versatile: With plenty of legroom and versatile seating arrangements, you and your passengers can relax and enjoy the ride. And it is true that a van is ideal when travelling with kids in car seats

Rent a cheap minibus at Heraklion airport from Gouves car rental

When it comes to just about any type of travel, a comfy minivan is your best bet for ferrying around a big crew (or a lot of stuff). These versatile vehicles have plenty of storage space, stylish interiors, and comfortable seats for trips long and short. Grab your squad and your sense of adventure, and find the perfect 
minivan for your next road trip on Crete

Εconomy minivan at Heraklion Airport from Gouves car rental 

Book a safe and roomy minivan to bring the kids and all your stuff on your next family trip.  Choose the minivan 7 seated, or a minivan 9 seated, you prefer to rent at Heraklion airport (HER) or at Chania airport (CHQ)
and reserve it today and avoid disappointment.
 Gouves car rental s minivans are all regularly maintained to ensure the safety of our dear customers.
All rental models are carefully cleaned every after use to make them ready for every customer.
Your rented minivan will be delivered to you directly at the Heraklion airport (HER) by our representative when you arrive
at the airport of Heraklion, Crete

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