Nissan Micra-k14


Economy full size car 

If you're planning to rent a car for your upcoming trip, you may want to consider a Nissan Micra K14. This compact car offers several advantages that make it a popular choice among travelers.
One of the most significant advantages of the Nissan Micra K14 is its excellent fuel efficiency. This makes it an economical option for exploring a new city without having to worry about the cost of gas. Additionally, the car's compact design makes it easy to navigate through narrow streets and tight parking spots. This is especially useful in cities like Heraklion, where space can be limited.
Despite its small size, the Nissan Micra K14 still offers a comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers. There is ample legroom and headroom inside the car, making it a great option for longer drives or sightseeing trips.
Another advantage of renting a Nissan Micra K14 is the affordable rental rates. It's typically one of the most budget-friendly car rental options, making it an attractive choice for travelers who want to save money on their rental.
Overall, renting a Nissan Micra K14 can be an excellent option for those looking for a practical, comfortable, and affordable car rental for their trip. With its fuel efficiency, compact design, comfortable ride, and affordable rates, the Nissan Micra K14 is definitely worth considering for your next rental.

Airport of Heraklion

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